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The first SailADVice meeting was held on 17 January. With this initiative, SailADV is planning a series of meetings aimed at making our customers more familiar with the several services offered by SailADV.

On this occasion, a large technical delegation from the Sanlorenzo shipyard was our guest to visit the Pontlab and Mecoil laboratories.

Since 2015, SailADV has been responding to the needs of the marine industry to make the boat measurable in its various technical aspects such as performance measurement, analysis of acquired data, problem solving and as a partner for technical support of custom projects.

This is thanks to our decades-long collaboration with our technical partners Pontlab, Mecoil, Sintechnology, Qfp and Momote, with whom we are able to jointly provide innovative analysis services that go beyond the usual classical technical methods.

Together with them, we coordinate activities and act as a point of contact between the shipbuilding industry and technical excellence.

Contact us for more information: [email protected].

Laboratory analysis for yachts and ships

motor yacht management

Analysis of oils, fuels and coolants for yachts, superyachts and ships

PressMare magazine talks about SailADV

laboratory analysis megayacht

We offer customers support in finding the analysis best suited to their needs. To analyse oils and fuels, customers can either receive the UCVD kit from SailADV with instructions on how to carry out the analysis themselves, or they can request the assistance of technical staff at their premises.
After sampling, which may involve engine oil, hydraulic oils, cooling liquids and fuels, the sample is sent to Mecoil, SailADV’s exclusive partner and analysis specialist. Mecoil will perform the chemical-physical analysis and provide the results within 48 hours of sample delivery.

The data collected is analysed by our staff, contextualised and interpreted. Afterwards, the customer receives a detailed technical report with comments and corrective actions to be taken in case of detected problems.
Thanks to more than 2,000 analyses already carried out, SailADV has a wealth of case histories that allow for very detailed comparisons. These data, which are easy to read and interpret, confirm the validity of the scientific diagnosis of our work.

Read the full article on PressMare or visit the page dedicated to laboratory analysis of oil, water, fuel and coolant.

Yacht quality

Yacht quality

PressMare magazine talks about SailADV

yacht analisi qualita sailadv

Can the quality of a yacht be assessed?
Is it feasible to determine the condition of its mechanical, hydraulic and structural components?
Certainly, especially now that technology offers us increasingly sophisticated tools that allow us to carry out extremely detailed analyses that would have been unthinkable a few years ago. However, collected data must be interpreted correctly through a scientific process, measurable and repeatable, and which requires expertise acquired through experience and constant updating.

PressMare devotes an article (in Italian) to our activities, including:

  • chemical-physical analysis of all those elements from which it is possible to predict possible malfunctions or drifts from normal operation;
  • measurement of yacht performance, efficiency, seaworthiness and quality (performance, seaworthiness, comfort).

We also talk about our Partners, so important for a multidisciplinary and specialised business like ours. These are in fact companies that are leaders in their field, involved in the analysis of those data from which the scientific assessments are derived. These include:

  • Pontlab for the analysis and testing of materials and components;
  • Sint Technology, a technical excellence specialising in strain gauge measurements;
  • QFP for 3D scanning and reverse engineering;
  • MECOIL for lubricant analysis;
  • Caponnetto Uber for CFD analysis and sea motion.

Finally, we would also like to mention and thank the main Italian universities with which a fruitful collaboration has been established over the years, including:

  • University of Pisa;
  • University of Genoa;
  • Marche Polytechnic University;
  • University of Trieste.

Read the full article on PressMare.

Field Engineer

Career opportunity

Field Engineer

Join our team!

SailADV is seeking to hire a Field Engineer

SailADV is looking for a dynamic and skilled Field Engineer to join the company technical department.
You will be involved in yachts sea trial tests, marine surveys and engineering consultancy for owners, yards and management during construction, delivery and service of the vessels.
As member of the SailADV technical department you will be required to analyze technical problems related to the operation of the vessel, determine the causes of the problems and validate the results through the measurements of the phenomena detected.

Details of requirements:

  • 2 years professional experience in a similar role is preferred
  • Availability to travel for business
  • Excellent oral/written knowledge of Italian and English language is mandatory
  • Knowledge of ships’ engineering system and machinery
  • Availability of working onboard for surveys, tests and inspections also in confined space
  • You will be asked to produce accurate and timely reports either in Italian and English of the activities executed
  • Willingness of improve your technical skills in the electric and electronic field
  • Excellent problem solving capacity
  • Vibrations and noise knowledge is a plus

Applications that are not in line with the requirements will not be considered.

This job offer is extended to both sexes, in accordance with the Italian Law (Legislative Decree 198/2006 and subsequent amendments and additions.

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Send us your cv at [email protected]


Marine Surveyor

sea trials sailadv italy

Career opportunity

Marine Surveyor

Join our team!

SailADV is seeking to hire a Marine Surveyor

The successful candidate requirements:

  • Degree in Marine Engineer or equivalent technical qualifications
  • Former experience in the same roles would be a plus
  • Ability and willingness to further develop knowledge in electrical and electronics field
  • Physically able to work in confined spaces, hazardous atmospheres, uncomfortable temperatures and weather conditions, etc.
  • Excellent communication and reporting skills in English as well as Italian language (must)
  • Available to travel in Italy and abroad
  • Holding valid driving license
  • Proactive customer focused approach
  • Providing good control of projects, including communicating with clients, financial control and timely and accurate reporting

What are you going to do?

  • Sea trial tests
  • Surveys of all types of ships during construction phase
  • Prepare technically accurate and timely reports of test, inspections and surveys performed
  • Maintain survey files in an orderly and up-to-date manner
  • Recommend new approaches to problems encountered

Applications that are not in line with the requirements will not be considered.

This job offer is extended to both sexes, in accordance with the Italian Law (Legislative Decree 198/2006 and subsequent amendments and additions.

Apply now

Send us your cv at [email protected]


AMYC – Marche Yachting & Cruising Association


Marche Yachting & Cruising Association

The Marche Yachting & Cruising Association (MYC) was founded in 2021 with the aim of promoting, assisting and facilitating the development of the Marche region’s shipbuilding industry for ships and luxury yachts, as a cohesive cluster of builders, designers and strategic suppliers.

SailADV is one of the founding members of the Association which includes among its members the Polytechnic University of Marche, leading shipyards in the sector, such as CRN YACHTS Ferretti Group, ISA YACHTS – PALUMBO SUPERYACHTS, Cantiere delle Marche, WIDER YACHTS, CPN and Cantiere Rossini, internationally renowned Architecture and Design Studios, such as FM Architettura, Luxury Projects Atelier and Massari Design, top level furniture and contract manufacturers such as Poltrona Frau and Cantori SpA and specialised companies of the calibre of TEAM Italia SRL – Marine Electronic Technology Applications, AMS Advanced Mechanical Solutions, Corset/Linset, Furlanetto International, MSA Marine Shore Assistance and VIDEOWORKS GROUP.

With the aim of promoting the Marche region as a world excellence for the construction of cruise ships and luxury yachts, the Association (MYC) has initiated a process of dialogue and collaboration with the Marche Region and the Chamber of Commerce. The aim is to enhance the Marches nautical sector by developing specific actions aimed at promoting its internationalisation, but also the activation of specific training courses by academic realities.

Discover more on MYC on their official Linkedin profile or at:

President of Marche Yachting & Cruising Association
E [email protected]
M. +39 335 328282

Communication – Press Office
E [email protected]
P +39 349 8320686

Oil Analysis Tips for Yachts

analisi olii yacht sailadv
analisi olii yacht sailadv

Why choose SailADV for oil analysis

Some tips to think about
  • Oil analysis is a tool of predictive maintenance but doesn’t finish once you make the periodical sampling. SailADV intends the predictive maintenance as a process of listening to the yacht system and its signals in order to anticipate any failure and prevent any delay or major cost.
  • SailADV is a consulting company that uses highly qualified partners to be able to offer extremely precise and valid answers to the doubts and problems of our customers.
    As for oil and fuel analyzes, we have been collaborating with the Mecoil analysis laboratory for many years and we have established a very strong collaboration relationship with them and a very fluid process of information circulation that avoid wasting time and allows us to send you the results of the analyzes in 2 / 3 days from the arrival of the samples in the laboratory. It is important to say that in case of alerts in the results you will find our technical advice in the report you receive or our call on the phone. With SailADV, unlike a simple analysis laboratory, you will have the contextualization of the data in the yacht system: we have been working on yachts for more than twenty years and we have experienced lots of problems and solutions. This is included in the price of each analysis.
  • The analyzes are recorded on a management system, which allows you to have a history over time to check the progress of the analyzes and schedule periodic maintenance.
  • We send you our Oil Analysis Kits free of charge (within Italy) so every yacht can keep it on board and can run the samples at it best convenience. You don’t have to pay anything in advance, pay only the analyses you want to do.
  • Speaking about the free SailADV Oil Analysis Kit you receive, UCVD stands for Ultra Clean Vacuum Device and is the patented sampling bottle that you will find in the Kit, but it is not a simple bottle and by using it you will avoid the sample to be contaminated by external agents during the sampling phase but you will also notice such ease of use that you won’t even get your hands dirty!
  • Last, when choosing your partner, keep in mind that our laboratory is located in Italy (European Union). If, for example, at the end of the season in the Mediterranean the yachts of your fleet want to perform the analyzes on main systems, they will be able to easily send the samples performed without suffering delays due to customs and controls and the next day the samples may already be in analysis.

These are just a few points on which we would like to draw your attention considering that all this is included in the price of a single analysis.


Oil Laboratory Analysis

In order to trend the health status of the system of a vessel, SailADV takes an oil sample regularly while the system is operating, at a temperature of about 80°. SailADV takes care of collecting the samples wherever the client is and delivering them to the laboratory.


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Discover more on Oil Anlysis for yachts or contact us at [email protected] for any additional information.

Our new website is online

sailadv-website (1)
sailadv-website (1)

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new website, created with the aim of improving the user experience. The site is available in English and Italian, divided into different types of services and products, easily accessible from the homepage and navigable between them, from which you can access specific pages for each sub-service and product available. The various sections will be continuously implemented to ensure new and updated content, in step with the latest news in the yacht industry.

Any suggestions are welcome: [email protected].

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POR MARCHE FESR 2014.2020 Project

por-fesr (1)
POR MARCHE FESR 2014.2020 Project

Last January 15th Mirco Carloni, Vice President of Marche Region, spoke at the presentation of an important project that fits into the programming document POR MARCHE FESR 2014.2020 – ASSE 1 – OS 1 – ACTION 1.1 – INT. 1.1.1) Promotion of industrial research and experimental development in the fields of intelligent specialization.

SailADV is part of the working group composed of Cantiere delle Marche, AMS Advanced Mechanical Solutions, Ennegi and Furlanetto, that, inside the POR FESR measure, presented the technical project MULTIFUNCTION STERN PLATFORM PILOT OPERATED WITH ADAPTIVE CONTROL ALGORITHMS (Id19184) February 2021 – February 2023.

The companies involved will develop an innovative platform that uses IoT and Artificial Intelligence and onboard sensors.

IHM Certification

ihm certification sailadv italy1 (1)
ihm certification sailadv italy1 (1)

SailADV staff continues to update itself and keep up with the evolution of market needs to always provide the best service.
Our technicians have achieved the “Approved HazMat Expert” certification during the course that was held on 16/12/2020 and which took place in accordance with the “Hong Kong International Convention for the Safe and Sound Recycling of Ships 2009” and to the “EU Ship Recycling Regulation (EU 1257/2013)”. The certification was issued by RINA.

What is IHM?

IHM stands for Inventory of Hazardous Materials:

  1. Inventory of hazardous materials present in structures and / or equipment from ships.
  2. A list of the waste generated by the activities carried out on board the ship.
  3. A list of stocks on board.


Ensure that hazardous waste from ship disposal is subject to environmentally compatible management.

Field of application

Newly built vessels with GT> 500 t (excluding military vessels) on international voyages.

Effective from

The HONK KONG convention was enacted in 2009 but has NOT entered into force yet. Its entry into force is subject to a series of parameters that have not yet been achieved.

The European regulation (No. 1257/2013 specified in Article 32) requires that starting from 31/12/2020 each new construction has an inventory of hazardous materials on board.

Only the “part 1” inventory will be mandatory for new buildings starting from 31/12/2020.

Please contact SailADV to plan an IHM survey on your vessel.