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The first SailADVice meeting was held on 17 January. With this initiative, SailADV is planning a series of meetings aimed at making our customers more familiar with the several services offered by SailADV.

On this occasion, a large technical delegation from the Sanlorenzo shipyard was our guest to visit the Pontlab and Mecoil laboratories.

Since 2015, SailADV has been responding to the needs of the marine industry to make the boat measurable in its various technical aspects such as performance measurement, analysis of acquired data, problem solving and as a partner for technical support of custom projects.

This is thanks to our decades-long collaboration with our technical partners Pontlab, Mecoil, Sintechnology, Qfp and Momote, with whom we are able to jointly provide innovative analysis services that go beyond the usual classical technical methods.

Together with them, we coordinate activities and act as a point of contact between the shipbuilding industry and technical excellence.

Contact us for more information: [email protected].

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