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Our Services

All our services are aimed to measure, monitor, analyze and check the pivotal parameters of the Yacht.
We provide high-tech services to the most important European shipyards, fleet management companies and owners. We operate in the Giga and Megayacht segments, providing specific measurements to give you correct answers.

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Sea Trials

We are able to acquire all the significant parameters during sea trial test. These data allow us to characterize yacht’s performance in a numerically manner and to provide a precise evaluation of the behavior of the ship.

Oil Analysis

The analysis of an oil, grease, fuel and coolant sample, coming from a machinery in operation, is an efficient diagnostic tool to understand the health status of the yacht’s systems.

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Measurement & Test

Thanks to our cutting-edge equipment, we can measure the behavior of your ship from different points of view, we can evaluate how the systems reacts and compare the performances in different moments.

Marine Engineering

Our staff is speciallized and can give support with the latest innovation in the design, operation, maintenance and repair of all major mechanical systems and engineered equipment onboard any vessel.

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Thanks to our experience we can carry out surveys, quality audits and project management activities, certifying the compliance of products and processes with the project specifications and the required quality standards.

Laboratory Analysis

Predictive maintenance and condition monitoring through exact laboratory tests can make the systems onboard be more efficient and can prevent your yacht from failures.

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