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Sea Trial

We are able to acquire all the significant parameters during sea trial test. These data allow us to characterize yacht’s performance in a numerically manner and to provide a precise evaluation of the behavior of the ship.

SailADV developed a new approach that allows a systematic and coordinated acquisition of the functional characteristics of a yacht under operations in an objective and repetitive way.

• Extremely precise and analytic instrument
• Expandable modular system
• Maximum configurability and versatility
• Capacity of dialogue with the main systems.


H-BOX allows to have a coordinated view of the main working parameters like speed, consumption, noise, vibration, inclination, geolocation to achieve:

a complete and in depth picture of the yacht, to understand strengths and weaknesses, and to act accordingly giving a greater chance of achieving the desired result;

  1. a complete numerical characterization of the yacht;
  2. a simultaneous and coordinated logging of on-board events to analyze the correlations between the various phenomena and to appreciate the cause-effect relations between them.

SailADV H-BOX represents an important “innovation” with respect to the traditional electronics on-board systems, the power of numbers.

H-BOX system received the Lloyd’s Register statement which consider it appropriate to support sea trials by measurement and reporting. H-BOX complies with the IMO resolution MSC.137(76) and ISO Instructions.


  • Performance data
  • Fuel consumption measurement
  • Ventilation system working parameters
  • Functional engine parameters
  • Pressure and temperature parameters
  • Hydraulic systems working parameters

Torque and Power

  • Torque and Power Measurement
  • Tortional vibrations