Freeboard Meter by SailADV

FREE BOARD METER yacht sailadv (1)
FREE BOARD METER yacht sailadv (1)


It is an instrument that is able to measure the height of the hull part perpendicularly and above the waterline by performing an accurate freeboard acquisition.
It is related to displacement and to the weight of the vessel. Therefore, the measurement of the freeboard is essential to calculate the weight of the boat and to understand if the boat itself is properly loaded.
Our Free Board is able to overcome most of the drawbacks given by the measurement methodology currently in place which is manual.
The data coming from the sensors placed on the instrument are sent to the control unit which processes them, allowing the cancellation of the wave motion with filtering operations, thus obtaining a precise and repeatable measurement.

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Yacht vibration analysis

vibration analysis yacht
vibration analysis yacht

A vibration analysis is a pivotal process very important for vessels and yachts, intended to measure vibration levels and frequencies of machinery. All the collected data give us info to discover how healthy are the systems and their single components.
It all starts with using an accelerometer to measure vibrations.

Each time a machine is working it makes vibrations that the accelerometer or other sensors can detect which are sent directly into a data collector (software) which records the signal as either amplitude vs. time (known as time waveform), amplitude vs. frequency (known as fast Fourier transform), or both.

Vibration analysis can detect problems in a vessel such as:

  • Imbalance
  • Bearing failures
  • Mechanical looseness
  • Misalignment
  • Resonance and natural frequencies
  • Electrical motor faults
  • Bent shafts
  • Gearbox failures
  • Empty space or bubbles (cavitation) in pumps/propellers
  • Critical speeds

SailADV, thanks to its own high frequency multichannel spectrum analyzer H-SPECTRUM (complying with the international Standards ISO 2631 – ISO Standard 10816), is able to acquire at the same time all the operating parameters of the yacht system, optimizing yacht machinery performance and sharing them immediately with the Client.

vibration analysis

SailADV makes customized weather forecasts

custom forecast sailadv
custom forecast sailadv

SailADV is able to offer the Shipyards with which it cooperates very accurate, specific and customized weather forecasts to optimize the effectiveness of the organization of sea trials.

This important activity, which represents an added value for SailADV customers, is carried out in collaboration with the authoritative MeteoWind and its founder, the esteemed Ezio Sarti, “Meteorologist Certified according to World Meteorological Organization, WMO, standard”, who works together with a study and research group of applied meteorology coming from the aviation sector of gliding and sailing, with more than 40 years of experience, with regular exchanges of information and results with university research environments.

sailadv previsioni tempo personalizzate navigazione 4Thanks to this special and important collaboration, SailADV is able to communicate in advance to the shipyard: wave motion, wind speed and direction, possible rainfall. All supplied with graphical maps in chromatic scale and numerical tables with the most relevant data for the characterization of performance, efficiency and consumption.

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custom forecast sailadv
custom forecast sailadv

H-DATA Monitoring System

h-data-sailadv-performance-yacht (1)
h-data-sailadv-performance-yacht (1)

The unique professional system to keep all the fundamental parameters for the good navigation of your Yacht always under control.

The SailADV “H-DATA” Monitoring System is a useful and effective tool, totally custom made by SailADV, which allows you to record and understand all the operating parameters and performances of the various on-board systems.

It is essential to be able to perform predictive maintenance of the boat and its systems, even before any malfunctions can occur, to improve performances, to understand how to optimize consumptions and maximize the operating efficiency of the various on-board systems throughout the entire life cycle of the Yacht.

Through the H-DATA” tools the operating parameters of the on-board systems are acquired and stored locally then synchronized and processed thus to obtain characterization curves and their needed interpretation, with a view, for example, to optimizing consumptions and efficiency.

The data can only be accessed via private and secure log-ins in a portal, specifically designed by SailADV, which can be customized for each customer, where parameters can be checked and interpreted, their trends evaluated, the corrective actions activated, and the own Yacht route, with a customized travel report with specific graphics, downloadable for each system.

The “H-DATA” collects data from the navigation and automation systems thanks to innovative sensors, realized and positioned by the SailADV team of professionals, managing to provide a clear and objective picture of the Yacht’s performances, allowing its continuous monitoring and an effective and sensitive improvement.

All data are obviously stored with the utmost security in the SailADV servers in total respect of the Customer’s privacy and protected against external threats or aggressions. The H-DATA also makes it possible to compare different management strategies of the on-board systems so as to understand which is the most performing for a specific type of Yacht. This tool is therefore also important for all refitting jobs, in the event that the Yacht is changed at a structural or plant level.

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sailadv H-DATA yacht permormance analysis
h-data-sailadv-performance-yacht (3)

Expands the range of non-destructive tests

3d analysis yacht sailadv (1)
3d analysis yacht sailadv (1)

SailADV, in collaboration with its partner Pontlab, expands its range of non-destructive tests with the availability of a high-resolution tomographic system.

This new technology allows to have an accurate 3D reconstruction of the geometry of the analyzed object (internal and external) and of its functional characteristics thus, making the immediate identification of any possible failure possible.

3d analysis yacht sailadv 5The last campaign of anlaysis carried out by SailADV with the tomographic system through the use of the tools “Wall Thickness” allowed the verification of the thickness of the jacket of a hydraulic cylinder that ranged from a minimum of about 1.25mm to a maximum of 1.45 mm, therfore below the project specification.

The images show the trend of the thickness of the material at the grooves according to the cylindrical section.

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3d analysis yacht sailadv (2)
3d analysis yacht sailadv (3)
3d analysis yacht sailadv (4)

Motion Amplification™: Go fast!

motion amplification sailadv (2)
motion amplification sailadv (1)

Motion Amplification™ technology has already been requested by one of the most important shipyards in the world to analyze the functional dynamic characteristics of the components of the on-board systems.

SailADV and DarkWave Thermo climbed aboard the mega yacht during one of the sea trials and performed the surveys that quickly allowed the Shipyard to solve some problems without difficulty, delivering a safe and perfect boat even in its “invisible parts”.

All this is possible thanks to the professional and impeccable services offered by SailADV and DarkWave Thermo.

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motion amplification sailadv (1)
Motion Amplification - sailadv yacht consultancy

Motion Amplification™: See the invisible!

sailadv darkwave thermo
sailadv darkwave thermo

SailADV and DarkWave Thermo are the first in Italy and in Europe to have the new incredible technology, called MOTION AMPLIFICATION™, applied to the naval sector, which allows you to quickly and clearly see the conditions of each machine, each structure and each plant.

This incredible possibility makes it possible to analyze any possible problem at the root, thus being able to intervene immediately in the resolution of even complex problems.

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