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Why choose SailADV for oil analysis

Some tips to think about
  • Oil analysis is a tool of predictive maintenance but doesn’t finish once you make the periodical sampling. SailADV intends the predictive maintenance as a process of listening to the yacht system and its signals in order to anticipate any failure and prevent any delay or major cost.
  • SailADV is a consulting company that uses highly qualified partners to be able to offer extremely precise and valid answers to the doubts and problems of our customers.
    As for oil and fuel analyzes, we have been collaborating with the Mecoil analysis laboratory for many years and we have established a very strong collaboration relationship with them and a very fluid process of information circulation that avoid wasting time and allows us to send you the results of the analyzes in 2 / 3 days from the arrival of the samples in the laboratory. It is important to say that in case of alerts in the results you will find our technical advice in the report you receive or our call on the phone. With SailADV, unlike a simple analysis laboratory, you will have the contextualization of the data in the yacht system: we have been working on yachts for more than twenty years and we have experienced lots of problems and solutions. This is included in the price of each analysis.
  • The analyzes are recorded on a management system, which allows you to have a history over time to check the progress of the analyzes and schedule periodic maintenance.
  • We send you our Oil Analysis Kits free of charge (within Italy) so every yacht can keep it on board and can run the samples at it best convenience. You don’t have to pay anything in advance, pay only the analyses you want to do.
  • Speaking about the free SailADV Oil Analysis Kit you receive, UCVD stands for Ultra Clean Vacuum Device and is the patented sampling bottle that you will find in the Kit, but it is not a simple bottle and by using it you will avoid the sample to be contaminated by external agents during the sampling phase but you will also notice such ease of use that you won’t even get your hands dirty!
  • Last, when choosing your partner, keep in mind that our laboratory is located in Italy (European Union). If, for example, at the end of the season in the Mediterranean the yachts of your fleet want to perform the analyzes on main systems, they will be able to easily send the samples performed without suffering delays due to customs and controls and the next day the samples may already be in analysis.

These are just a few points on which we would like to draw your attention considering that all this is included in the price of a single analysis.


Oil Laboratory Analysis

In order to trend the health status of the system of a vessel, SailADV takes an oil sample regularly while the system is operating, at a temperature of about 80°. SailADV takes care of collecting the samples wherever the client is and delivering them to the laboratory.


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