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The unique professional system to keep all the fundamental parameters for the good navigation of your Yacht always under control.

The SailADV “H-DATA” Monitoring System is a useful and effective tool, totally custom made by SailADV, which allows you to record and understand all the operating parameters and performances of the various on-board systems.

It is essential to be able to perform predictive maintenance of the boat and its systems, even before any malfunctions can occur, to improve performances, to understand how to optimize consumptions and maximize the operating efficiency of the various on-board systems throughout the entire life cycle of the Yacht.

Through the H-DATA” tools the operating parameters of the on-board systems are acquired and stored locally then synchronized and processed thus to obtain characterization curves and their needed interpretation, with a view, for example, to optimizing consumptions and efficiency.

The data can only be accessed via private and secure log-ins in a portal, specifically designed by SailADV, which can be customized for each customer, where parameters can be checked and interpreted, their trends evaluated, the corrective actions activated, and the own Yacht route, with a customized travel report with specific graphics, downloadable for each system.

The “H-DATA” collects data from the navigation and automation systems thanks to innovative sensors, realized and positioned by the SailADV team of professionals, managing to provide a clear and objective picture of the Yacht’s performances, allowing its continuous monitoring and an effective and sensitive improvement.

All data are obviously stored with the utmost security in the SailADV servers in total respect of the Customer’s privacy and protected against external threats or aggressions. The H-DATA also makes it possible to compare different management strategies of the on-board systems so as to understand which is the most performing for a specific type of Yacht. This tool is therefore also important for all refitting jobs, in the event that the Yacht is changed at a structural or plant level.

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