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3D Scan and Reverse Engineering

The latest generation of 3D Contactless Measurement systems with optical and laser technology, allows to capture the most complex geometry of any vessel. The speed and the accuracy of these new systems can transform 100% of a surface into a high definition 3D point clouds. Thanks to the wide range of systems at our disposal we can scan objects from very small dimensions up to very large dimensions, always using the most appropriate device to ensure the highest level of accuracy.
The measurement of the entire surface identifies the deviation of the real geometry from the designed geometry. That is an exceptional advantage for the development phase of the product: making the understanding of the potential defects possible (e.g. alignment problems, material distribution, geometry deviation).


Reverse Engineering allows to create a mathematical model of an object starting from the digitalization of the object itself.

  1. The first step is the scan of the object in or der to create the mathematical model, this process is very efficient thanks to the 3D contactless digitalization system with optical technology. Star ting from the scan with 3D digitizing systems and using software. 
  2. The second step is the processing of the acquired data being able to obtain a polygonal STL file using flat and curvature-based hole filling, boundary reconstruction, sharp edge and corner reconstruction. 
  3. The third step is the reconstruction of surfaces using Cad modeling software. Our software allows to create the output at different steps of the process until the IGES of Nurbs surfaces.

It is possible to have an immediate evaluation of the part conformity through colour maps, where the deviations between nominal and measured data are shown on a colour based scale; numerical values are always immediately available in any point.
This service should be done also at the customer’s site, everywhere in the world, if the parts to be measured and analyzed, are not easy to be moved, such as superyachts, megayachts, gigayachts and ships. 

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