Technical – Production – Testing Consultancy

SailADV Cagliari office has been collaborating with SeaWater shipyard for two years in the engineering activities and operational phases of boats construction. In particular we dealt with:

  • definition and control of supply contracts for procurement;
  • procedures for control and monitoring of production quality;
  • project management;
  • bill of Materials definition and control;
  • production planning and GANTT definition;
  • reverse engineering of projects in progress;
  • CE certification of boats;
  • 2D and 3D drawings processing for production;
  • owner’s manual;
  • product engineering;
  • shipyard operational management (problem solving, etc.);
  • inspections at contractors site for production control;
  • design of on-board systems;
  • composite structure design and testing;
  • sea trials;
  • thermographic and ultrasound analysis;
  • analysis of fuels, transmission oils and engine parts.

It is an all-round activity that covers all the services SailADV can offer, using all the potential and skills of SailADV.

technical consultancy for boat construction sailadv
boat construction consultancy sailadv (1)
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