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Motion Amplification

The latest addition to SailADV testing capabilities is Motion Amplification in cooperation with MoMoTe.

Motion Amplification is a technology based on fast cameras and video processing techniques, that allows to detect small displacement, not visible with the naked eyes, and convert them to visible movements.

Simultaneous vibration measurements

Every acquired pixel becomes a virtual sensor, allowing simultaneous vibration measurements, in many systems, points with a high level of accuracy. The acquired data can be processed, filtered, enhanced into a video to see the system’s problem.
If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a thousand pictures,

Motion Amplification video allows to explain very fast and very easily also very complex problems.
The videos can be shared easily within the organization and the final clients, reducing the time lag between the problem occurrence and the solution design.

HOW It works

  • All pixel become virtual sensors, to measure displacement and velocity. No limits in the number of measured points.
  • Time traces, spectrum and orbit plots, transient paths can be easily computed from each point of the video capture.
  • With the camera-point of interest distance the displacements can be derived with sub-millimetric precision. Different lenses can be used to define the appropriate field of view.
In cooperation with:

A new vibration acquisition systems

SailADV in cooperation with MoMoTe provides Motion Amplification services for the marine sector for all cases in which standard vibration acquisition systems could be used, but with a much faster setup time and more powerful and understandable results display.
From global component behavior (i.e., a generator on resilient mounts) to detailed parts analysis (i.e., a cordon shaft alignment), all can be visualized with Motion Amplification.
Ship motion can be compensated and eliminated to focus the attention to the dynamic behavior of the components of interest.

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